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Strip & Re-tile

As we are highly experienced in the roofing industry and specialise in everything from minor repairs, to strip and re-tile and complete new roofs, we are dedicated to giving the correct advice for every job. One of our specialists can come out and asses your roof to make an informed decision on exactly what work needs to be done depending on the deterioration of the roof.


When completing the strip & re-tile there is more than one option regarding the tiles. We can either supply all new tiles or, re-use the existing tiles and match in with new ones where required- this option would give your roof the attention that it needs without the added cost of tiles.

chimney repairs

We offer all types of chimney repairs and maintenance services.

Unfortunately chimneys can become troublesome parts of the roof especially if not looked after, and can be dangerous if hey become cracked, crumbling or unstable.

We will take a look at your chimney and decide if it needs a full re-build, repair, replacement lead flashing, or re-pointing. If the chimney is not used we can also "cap off" to prevent water coming down, or remove completely if necessary.

Flat roofs

If you've noticed a leak, damp or damage to your flat roof it may be time to get a replacement. The most common and popular type of flat roof system (and our most highly recommended) is the "Torch on Felt " System. As it is described in the name, a torch is used to heat the felt to bond it to the layer beneath.

This is the most reliable, attractive and proven forms of flat roofing and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

lead work

Lead work not only serves the purpose of waterproofing but also gives a beautiful detailed finish. Vale Roofing have skilled workmen who take pride in their work and the aesthetic side as well as practicality, and will always leave you with a neat and effective finish.

new roofs

We complete new build roofs from start to finish, to include any extras, such as Velux windows, you might require.

We install a variety of roofing systems, from metal roofing to tiled, to flat roofs. 

Any roofing system you require!


There are many reasons that people might chose to replace their fascias a soffits, and the benefits of modern plastic replacements is the main one. 

modern plastic fascia and soffits last far longer than the outdated wooden ones, they don't need to be painted and they're very affordable!

All other roof repairs



We take on any job no matter how large or small including the following:

  • Individual tile replacements

  • Vent tile installation

  • Wind damage repairs

  • Moss removal

  • Skylight Installation

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